Smart lightning parking lot

Now we make it possible to regulate and optimize light flux as needed through our intelligent sensors and wireless control. You get a safe and secure outdoor environment while saving energy by lightening the right strength at the right time.

Parking space and recycling

Schedule 1, The luminaires in the parking lot are set to 30% of the base light. When a car enters the area, the illumination lights up to 100% for 15min. The light at the recycling station is set to 30% base light and 100% when moving, they are not affected by the other luminaires and sensors.

Schedule 2 (23: 00-05: 00), To save energy, the light level in the parking lot is reduced to 15% during the night. When moving, the lighting lights up to 60%. This also has a deterrent effect on any car thieves. All times and light levels are adjustable.

Walking path and property

Scheme 1, the lighting on the walkway and the property lights up at dusk using the built-in light sensor. The basic light is set at 30% to create a security in the evening. When moving, selected luminaires light up 100% for 10min. The time the luminaires should illuminate is adjustable.

Schedule 2 (23: 00-05: 00), To save energy during the night, the luminaires on the walkway are switched off and only light up when moving. The brightness of the property’s luminaires is reduced to 15%. When moving, the luminaires are lit up to 60%. All times and light levels are adjustable.