We develop standard for presence detection lightcontrol

During late evenings and nights, many of our urban areas are fully uplight despite the fact that they are often empty. It’s possible to save large amounts of electricity with the help of advanced presence detection control that varies the light level of the lighting. An open communication interface is now being developed by tree Swedish company (Leading Light, Fagerhult, LEDmore) which means that different suppliers can interact with their technology, making the control more attractive for the customers.

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ActiveLights Solar 5.oE

ActiveLights Solar 5.0E – smart solar powered lighting now with approved compliant post from Swedish Northcone. Suitable along the Swedish Transport Administration’s 70 and 90 km/h roads, easy to install directly in standard foundations 108 / 900-1400.

City of Mölndal -first with NOx

Read more: City of Molndal becomes the first customer of Insplorion’s and Leading Light’s smart lighting with air quality sensors

News – Air quality sensor

Insplorion and Leading Light starts collaboration to take smart lighting with air quality sensors to the market



Safety light – sea

ActiveLights Pro Sea – Developed specially for the sea.
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Safety light – school

Select ActiveLights IQ and you can program your lighting to provide increased safety for the students. Night time the luminaire is presence-controlled to scare away unauthorized people. Read more:IQ 10-90

Struer Denmark- select Solar

Struer municipality install Solar 1.0 in Bremdals beach.

Svedala municipality install Solar

Svedala municipality install 135 pcs of ActiveLights Solar 1.0 on a bicycle-path between Svedala-Klågerup in south Sweden.

ActiveLights Solar 6.0 at the crossing

 Fossil-free lighting?

Fossil-free lighting? yes it exist…. more than 80 municipalities in Sweden has installed ActiveLights Solar products.

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New employee

We are very happy that Malin Iderud join the Leading Light sales team. Sustainable solutions are increasing greatly, with our smart systems IQ and Solar, we solve the need for safe energy-efficient-sustainable lighting. Malin will strengthen the sales organization in western Sweden. Warm welcome.

Smart Cities Stockholm 28-29 november

We are at the new fair for Smart Cities 28-29 November 2018 in Stockholm. Visit us and we’ll tell you how to build Smart lighting systems for sustainable cities. https://smartastader.com/


New product – Safe Crossing

ActiveLights IQ is by far the market’s most competent LED luminaire. Now we make it possible to warn motorists while optimizing light flow for pedestrians and cyclists. You get a safe and safe traffic transition while saving up to 80% energy by illuminating the right power at the right time.

Opening Gullholmen

During the Easter weekend, the environmentally friendly lighting was opened at Gullholmen / Hermanö.


Kristianstad focus on solar lighting

Åhus – City of Kristianstad contributes to a better environment and installs solar powered lighting signed ActiveLights Solar 1.0

New office in city of Malmö

Leading Light grows and opens offices in Malmö. We welcome Henrik Johansson who will take care of customers in southern Sweden. With Henrik on board we can meet the customers’ needs for smart and durable lighting systems.

Lövsta ski trails with IQ

Lövsta ski trails in Stockholm has now got its new ActiveLights 5-40 IQ luminaries installed by Saferoad road lighting. The lighting is motion-controlled by the IQ system to give the right light to the right needs, as well as saving the energy and money.

Skidspår – belysning i världsklass

Sölvesborg municipality Solar 2.0

Sölvesborg municipality is investing in environmentally sound sunlight lighting for GC road between Sölvesborg and Mjällby.


Kungsbacka choose IQ

Kungsbacka municipality installs ActiveLights IQ 5-40 on new walking and cycling routes in Särö. The IQ luminaires are motion-controlled and provide the right light at the right time. Through motion control, the municipality will save up to 80% energy and show citizens that lighting does not have to light at full power when no one is walking or cycling. The system is set to light at full power from dusk and until 22:00, after which it is attendance controlled with a base light of 20% and a light of 100% when moving.