ActiveLights Connect

ActiveLights Connect is the administration software for ActiveLights IQ nodes. With the help of the Connect software you can easily configure the IQ nodes to create smart demand-controlled lighting systems that save energy without sacrificing safe and good powerful light when needed.

The software “reflects” the configuration in each IQ node, which means that all settings are stored locally.

The software also gives you statistics on the energy consumption of each node, operating status, cordinates (GPS), lighting time, number of passages, max / min temperature and operating time. Via the software you can also configure the radar sensor if it is to be active and sensitive.

Plug and play      pre-configured

The IQ luminaires will be preconfigured with the settings you have ordered. This means that the installer does not need to program anything at the actual installation, just mount the luminaire as usual and the system is in operation. If afterwards you want to change an ignition time or a schedule, it can easily be done via Connect software.


The IQ system has a variety of smart features that make it easy to update and change the lighting system settings. Via the function common settings it is enough to upload the settings to a luminaire, then the settings are sent to all the others through out the radio network.

System Requirements

PC with Windows

PC tablet with Windows 10 and USB port