Outdoor gym and activity areas

Presence controlled lighting – Right light at the right time. With ActiveLights IQ it’s easy to build smart lighting systems for outdoor gyms or activity areas. ActiveLights IQ communicates via a wireless radio network, which means that you don’t need expensive control cables, it’s enough to connect electricity.

Schedule 1
The outdoor gym or the activity plan has to strong 90W IQ luminaries and one IQ sensor box at the entrance. The system is activated at dusk with the help of the built-in light sensors. The base light starts at 15% light level. When there’s movement, the luminaries light up to 100% light level during one hour. All times and light levels are adjustable.  

Schedule 2 (night) 23:00-06:00
During the night there’s not supposed to be any activity in the area. By programming 0% light between 23:00-06:00, the light is turned off during the night even if there’s movement. Times and light levels are adjustable.