ActiveLights Solar 5.1.2

Active Lights Solar 5.1.2 is an environmentally friendly solar lighting for walking and cycling paths, recycling stations and parks. The lighting does not require any electricity or expensive cabling.

  • Unique solar powered lighting that is developed for Nordic climate conditions with few hours of sun in winter
  • Environmentally friendly lighting that requires no electricity
  • Can light up to 2 hour / day for one month without charging sun
  • Presence-controlled lighting with different light scenario/times/lumen
  • Passage counter and operating data that is saved locally
  • 120° motion sensor and control built into the luminaire
  • Environmentally friendly composite lighting pole
  • Developed and manufactured in Sweden
  • Efficient solar/daylight solar cells
  • Adjustable power LED luminaire
  • Battery life 7-10 years
  • Warranty 5 year
  • Luminaire height 5m
  • cc distance 20-25m

ActiveLights Solar 5.1.2 Playground

ActiveLights Solar 5.1 Outdoor gym

Playground, ActiveLights Solar 5.1.2 (galvanized post)

Waste station, ActiveLights Solar 5.1.2 (galvanized post)