ActiveLights IQ Box DALI is a smart control unit that has built-in sensors, radio communication and DALI control. The box controls luminaires with DALI driver. With smart sensors, we make it possible to regulate and optimize light flow as needed and at the same time save up to 80% energy. The IQ box can measure speed (km/h) as well as number of passages and is future proof with an upgradeable software.

  • Box for presence detection and control of IQ luminaires (e.g. at a driveway or a parking lot)
  • Controls luminaries equipped with DALI drivers
  • Six logical schemes for smart light control
  • Wireless communication between the IQ units
  • Choose between PIR or Radar sensor
  • Operating statistics, temperature, passage statistics
  • 32-bit encrypted radio traffic, password
  • Can measure speed up to 100 km / h
  • Practical brackets for facade or post
  • Made in Sweden

The IQ devices communicate wirelessly – it is enough to connect electricity, then you are running and can program a smart and sustainable lighting.