Solar 4.0

ActiveLights Solar 4.0 is a demand-driven and self-sufficient street lighting. The lighting does not require electricity or expensive wiring and is easily mounted on a 108/900 foundation with cc 20 m.

  •  Unique solar powered lighting that is developed for Nordic climate conditions with few hours of sun in winter
  • Environmentally friendly lighting that requires no electricity
  • Can light up to 1 hour / day for one month without charging sun (2 hours / day for extra battery and solar panel)
  • Complete system with solar panel, LED luminaire, battery, motion sensors and ActiveLights ™ control
  • Luminaire adjustable power 400-1900 lumens
  • Developed and manufactured in Sweden
  • Battery life 7-10 years
  • 2 year warranty (5 year warranty with service agreement)
  • cc distance 20m
  • Luminaire height 4.0 m