Why are the lights turned on when it’s not necessary?

Many places are in need of good and safe lighting only a couple of minutes or an hour a day, why should the lights be turned on to full power all the time?

ActiveLights IQ is a demand-controlled LED-lighting which is turned on to a 100% power when someone passes and e.g. 20% power the rest of the time just to see where the road leads. Perfect for pedestrian and bicycle paths, jogging tracks, recycling stations and parking lots.

The investment of the motion sensors pays off in 4-10 years dependent on the type of luminaire, in addition you prolong the life of the LEDs.

This is how it works:

Each luminaire is equipped with a sensor that detects movement. The luminaires communicate through radio signals and light each other when someone passes.

The system has the following configuration options:

  • Standard light at dusk and no movement, choose between 0-100%, e.g. 20 %
  • Light when there is movement, choose between 0-100%, e.g. 100%
  • Light time when there is movement, choose e.g. 15 min
  • Choose the amount of luminaires that should be turned on, choose between 3 ahead and 3 behind or all luminaires in the system.

The system is easily configured via a PC and a USB/Radio unit.

 Technical specifications:

  • Opening angle of sensor 40×60 degrees.
  • 40 degrees in the width of the road
  • 60 degrees in the lenght of the road
  • Max. height 12 m
  • Detects bigger items like a car or a person,
  • Not depedent on heat
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted on speed.

Example: 6 m high pole detects the sensor about 3 m from the pole i the leght of the road.