ActiveLights™ IQ

ActiveLights IQ is by far the most competent LED luminaire on the market. Now we make it possible to regulate and optimize light flux as needed through our intelligent sensors and wireless control. With presence control, you get a safe and secure outdoor environment while saving up to 80% energy by illuminating with the right strength at the right time.

ActiveLights IQ communicates via a wireless radio network, which means that you avoid expensive control cables. The luminaires are available in the effects 5-90W (up to 9800 lumens). The most efficient lenses on the market optimize the luminous flux. IQ is easily mounted on pole, facade or under roof using our practical brackets.

Unique features

  • Two logical schemes for smart lighting control
  • Presence detection and control
  • Wireless radio communication between the IQ units
  • operating Statistics
  • Passage Statistics (Number)
  • Temperature statistics min / max (C °)
  • Speed measurement IQ Box (km / h)
  • Individual programmable light level 0 – 100%
  • Energy measurement (Wh, V, A)
  • Light sensor (lux)
  • Real-time clock / astronomical clock
  • Temperature sensor (C °)
  • Radar sensor, 60 ° x 80 °, detects up to 20m
  • GPS positioning
  • Upgradeable software via radio
  • 32-bit encrypted radio traffic
  • 3G online monitoring and programming (option)

Plug-in play – pre-configured

The IQ luminaires will be pre-configured with ignition times, schedules and settings as you wish. This means that the installer installs the luminaires as usual and the system is in operation. If afterwards you want to change an ignition time or a schedule, it is easy to go through the Connect software.

Easy to change

The IQ system has a variety of smart features that make it easy to update and change the lighting system settings. Via the function common settings it is enough to upload changes to a luminaire, which then sends the changes to the other luminaires in the radio network.

Kungsbacka IQ 5-40

Corem Property, IQ 5-45